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成都Heat Exchanger

  • Release date: 2016-10-24
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   Provide a variety of forms of auxiliary plating heating method selection, are used zinc pot waste heat, to meet different needs, control with boiler joint control processing, safe and reliable, the main ways are as follows:

  1, Direct heating, help plating tank with 316L stainless steel or composite stainless steel tank, high heating efficiency, maintenance-free, the initial construction need to lay the flue, to help plating tank into a large.

  2, The steam boiler and heat exchanger, small size, convenient construction, the need for safety supervision Bureau for the record.

  3, The heat exchanger heat, simple structure, easy installation, atmospheric pressure operation, simple maintenance, the use of reliable, less construction. Auxiliary plating tank can be non-metallic materials, such as PP board, stone and so on.

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