Longitudinal crane control system

  • Release date: 2016-10-24
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Vertical crane

The design concept of the vertical crane (usually 8-12 units electric hoist or winch) breaks the traditional bridge crane mode and realizes the advantages of high efficiency, fast and space saving. It is especially suitable for the galvanized parts factory, which has the following advantages:

1,High efficiency, cross-grouping, the combination of flexible, and the bridge crane compared to the lowest efficiency is the original 4 times, the number of 6-12 units hoist.

2, The high speed of operation , there are generally two operations can be manual and automatic operation, providing a wide range of speed, fast 8 m / min, slow 0.5-1.8 m / min. Hoist up to 30 m / min, frequency control.

3, The control components are used well-known brands, low failure rate, safe and reliable, with perfect security measures, you can choose to expand functions, add vibrators, weighing systems. The used of advanced digital communication control, dust collector and other systems with network control.

4, The first set of real domestic longitudinal control system, there are many domestic users, while the domestic imitation of the corresponding system, but the performance difference too far.

5, To provide customer-choice products, technical support, the Germany cable ,domestic customized electric hoist.

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