Gas High - speed Pulse Galvanizing Furnace Flame

  • Release date: 2016-10-24
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    Gas boiler is currently one of the cleanest energy, high efficiency, stable operation, low operating cost, emission standards, is strongly recommended by the state furnace, is currently the main furnace market.


We produced the hot-dip galvanized natural gas boiler with high efficiency, energy saving, easy installation, low operating costs, the use of safe and reliable, very low failure rate, maintenance-free features. we produced the natural gas galvanized furnace to use well-known brands of domestic and foreign parts, while the use of high-end products, the burners with Eclipse Thermjet, the Germany winter high-end dual-solenoid valve, the Germany Winter air-fuel proportional valve,Italy ignition, the United States Honeywell flame detection equipment, Panasonic PLC, South Korea and Taiwan touch screen, the French Schneider power distribution components, Germany Kromschr?der Actuators, custom high-pressure fan (Siemens motor). New and practical control concept, priority level of security control, intelligent automatic fault handling, can realize the whole factory digital management (need network support), to achieve 24-hour worry-free operation, very low failure rate to provide the best production Operation, the use of its simple, one-button operation, the user requirements are very low, multi-level authority to operate, so that the management of the factory more refined, while preventing human improper operation, intelligent Temperature control mode temperature up to ± 1 . Boiler can be run in a variety of modes to meet different needs, high-speed pulse fire to ensure uniform temperature, fire burning rate of up to 150 m / s, combustion atmosphere control can effectively extend the life of zinc pot, combustion chamber zero pressure control, the provincial Out of smoke extraction fan, more energy efficient, more secure.

  Fine debugging is to protect the fundamental parameters of the boiler, our company provides different from any one of the domestic debugging, precision parameters is the most basic guarantee.

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