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Hot dip galvanizing precautions

Source:    Time: 2016-12-23

1) The need to consider the elongation of steel, 450 ℃ hot dip galvanized steel elongation of 5mm / m.
2) The need to consider the thick pieces and thin pieces of galvanized heating time is different, which will lead to the linear elongation of different components.
3) Considering the speed of the steel immersed in the zinc bath can reduce the stress generated during the galvanizing process, requiring the design of steel as much as possible into the liquid inlet and outlet.
4) Suitable for hot-dip galvanizing process substrate is only steel matrix.
5) Low internal stress of the substrate or component is suitable for hot-dip galvanized, may be the case should be avoided cold-formed components of hot-dip galvanizing.
6) If the required components in the manufacturing process does not produce stress, can be designed to use welding forming process.
7) Remove residues from the surface of the steel substrate (slag / coating, etc.) which would otherwise interfere with the interfacial reaction of the hot dip galvanizing process.
8) To be plated components should be designed as symmetrical structure.
9) possible to avoid the existence of large thickness difference between the substrate transition (maximum not more than 1: 2.5)

10) Take into account the size of the hot-dip galvanizing pot used.
11) Try to avoid multiple dip.
12) When the plating plate components, should be used to eliminate the tension straightening method of structural twist.
13) The use of diagonal edges or the entire board pre-deformation method control due to hot-dip galvanizing may be caused by the board folds or stretching deformation.
14) Avoid dead spots or dead spots in the structure
15) Large structures should be broken down.
16) For the tubular structure, should be set up a reasonable flow port.
17) For hollow container-like structures, the size and number of flow ports should be designed.
18) The difference in density between steel and molten zinc should be considered.
19) For heavy steel structure should be set up to facilitate the use of the suspension device.
20) Does not allow the epitaxial welding of steel profiles, if necessary, to eliminate the stress treatment.
21) To consider the lifting capacity of existing plant lifting equipment.
22) Prior to hot-dip galvanizing, a special agreement must be signed with the hot-dip galvanizing company.