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Application of vibrators

Source:    Time: 2016-12-15

A large number of hot-dip galvanizing enterprises in hot-dip galvanizing production of different processes applied oscillator. Application of oscillators to cause hanging rack and pendulum vibration, swing, will lead to treatment liquids and zinc flow mode changes. At present, the vibrator is almost installed between the bridge crane hook and galvanized hanging rack, or mounted on a separate rack. In general, the vibrator is driven by two motors, which are synchronized to rotate in the opposite direction. This unique arrangement eliminates lateral vibrations, thereby producing only vertical vibration。

The vibrator is not always advantageous, whether or not the vibrator is used depends on the operating conditions and the type of the object to be plated. In most cases, the use of vibrators can improve the quality of plated parts and save rework costs. The vibrator can be applied to different processes of the hot dip galvanizing process.

1)  1) Pre-processing stage. When the piece is moved out of the tank, short-time vibrations at the end of the trickle flow can ensure more trickling of the treatment solution, which saves time and reduces the carry-over of the treatment fluid.

2)   2)In the zinc bath, the vibration will help the zinc bath and the surface of the piece zinc plating residual product floating, which may reduce the drying time and reduce the thickness of galvanized layer to improve the quality of galvanized layer; And the unavoidable contact points between the piece and the rack can be reduced to a minimum by vibration.

3)   3)Above the zinc bath. Vibration is conducive to the surface of the zinc liquid back to avoid the accumulation of zinc surface of the workpiece; is conducive to the prevention of zinc or zinc tumor formation, zinc or zinc to avoid the formation of zinc stab; reduce the workpiece and the piece between the bonding Possibility to prevent the occurrence of zinc in some holes blocked; hole and the thread becomes more clean.

4)   4) In the slag. The slag bucket with the vibrator is beneficial to the slag removal. The slag bucket moves out of the zinc bath below the liquid level and the vibration of the slag bucket is favorable to the slag removal and the slag removal.

5)       Basically, the vibrator is more suitable for use in small size, light weight of the piece, not suitable for heavy heavier. Of course, the application of the vibrator may also cause some defects, the main reasons:
1) The vibration time is too long or vibrations are generated in a step that does not require vibration.
2) to be plating to install the fixed way is not correct.