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Hot-dip galvanizing plant

Source:    Time: 2016-11-26

Hot-dip galvanizing plant in the initial planning of the plant: zinc pot size and galvanized per hour processing volume is necessary to calculate the parameters.

At this stage, the exact dimensions of the components, the layout of the installation, the flow of material, and the size of the compartments should be specified. The total construction cost includes the following three parts: 1, the initial measurement, earthwork construction, workshop structure and the basement or channel, heating and power supply device. 2, the main components of the workshop or part of the working system, such as pre-treatment workshop and galvanizing workshop, lifting systems and other forms of transmission system.
3, open furnace operating material

Shop Floor Layout There are several different layout options for the pre-treatment and galvanizing processes. These include drying ovens, galvanizing furnaces, and cooling tanks. Structural condition factors often lead to low productivity layouts, based on which two types of traditional shop floor layouts are discussed: linear and U-shaped.
1, linear layout
The input and output ends of the material are distributed on both sides of the production line width, and the staff keep a certain distance. In order to ensure that the production line of the workpiece transmission line as short as possible, all the trough, stove across the length of the layout by the length of the workshop.
2, U-shaped layout
In a U-shaped layout, the input and output ends of the material are located at the same end of the shop floor. Drying furnace and the length of the plant Axial transverse distribution, galvanized furnace and the length of the plant Axial horizontal or vertical distribution