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The Reform of Hot Dip Galvanizing

Source:    Time: 2016-11-26

As the national environmental protection requirements continue to improve, hot-dip galvanizing is bound to occur in a major change. In the early days, many galvanizing furnaces were coal gas furnaces, which were relatively costly in comparison to other fuels, but at the same time they caused considerable serious environmental pollution. In recent years, increasing environmental pollution, hot dip galvanized country attaches great importance to many places have clearly told the gas stove must be converted, otherwise closed. The emergence of natural gas hot-dip galvanizing furnace a good solution to this problem, natural gas as a clean energy, to a large extent reduce the environmental pollution.

Natural gas high-speed pulsed flame galvanized furnace is bound to become the trend to replace the coal gas furnace, our company's natural gas galvanized furnace by the customer's praise for easy operation and maintenance, quick installation and commissioning, to bring great convenience to customers . As long as customers make reasonable demands we can try to satisfy customers. Site-accurate commissioning, including exhaust gas measurement, the natural gas to a large extent by the complete combustion, the greatest degree of energy-saving cost savings.

Recently our company launched the company for the galvanized furnace WeChat module, the phone can know what the state of the galvanized furnace running, the existence of the alarm, there is any alarm, as long as the WeChat operation can know how much zinc liquid temperature, and can In the WeChat reset operation. This is our first launch of a new feature, other manufacturers currently do not do. I believe we will continue to improve, more user-friendly operation. Hope that the majority of customers put forward more demand, we will try to meet the research and continuous improvement