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Dalian Yi u Giant Machinery Equipment Manufacturing Co. Ltd

Source:    Time: 2016-10-12

      Our company mainly produces hot-dip galvanizing plant used in various types of equipment, while providing the whole plant planning and design for many domestic and foreign customers complete sets of boilers and related ancillary equipment, such as gas high-speed pulsed galvanization furnace flame, galvanized vertical crane Systems, heat exchangers, heating systems (waste heat utilization), automatic plating treatment systems, zinc dust precipitator, vibrators, small pieces of centrifuges, cooling water waste heat and cooling systems, reverse osmosis sewage treatment systems, Galvanizing process additives. With modern digital management technology can create a full range of intelligent management, modern management of the factory, changing the original galvanized factory dirty mess bad impression, with scientific design, superb technology, fine production, nuanced debugging, the pursuit of excellence Designed to provide users with a new galvanized plant design. We have completely independent intellectual property rights, do not rely on external support, excellent technical team, rapid response service, to provide users with worry-free experience.